MOEVA - Ninetta White Scoop Neck Swimsuit With Geometrical Chain Straps

$ 446.00

Are you getting ready for your next vacation? Don’t forget to pack Ninetta. Moeva gave a little twist to your simple scoop neck one piece with Ninetta.

Topstitching Details With A Slimming Effect
Ninetta white scoop neck swimsuit with moderate bottom coverage is a timeless and staple style that will never go out of style. This white classic and minimalist swimsuit will do your summer wardrobe justice as it will be suitable for any time anywhere. The soft-stretch Italian fabric with extra lycra certificate will wrap your body like an armor and keep you comfortable. The hardware on Ninetta will never rust or heat under the sun, they are designed for your safety. Due to the highest quality materials, Ninetta will be a swimsuit for a life time. The simple form of the scoop neck swimsuit is upgraded topstitching details. The well-executed and topstitched details on the waist create a sleek silhouette. For a perfect fit adjust the lace-up back according to your body. You will feel comfortable in the Ninetta white one-piece with moderate bottom coverage.

The Elegant and Trendy Chain Straps
Metal chains have been around for a while on runways and on fabulous It Girls. Chain straps used for Ninetta are both functional and beautiful. The chain straps of Ninetta elegant and has a geometric design. They will sit on your shoulder, softly and flawlessly. Don’t worry that they will heat under the sun and burn you at the beach, we guarantee that will never happen. The chain straps are adjustable and add a little shimmer and glamour to the simple style of the swimsuit. and make you shine.

Grab the Ninetta white one-piece with geometric chain straps for a staple piece you can always count on.